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Legal Services

We understand it can be overwhelming starting a business and getting everything sorted. And legals, while super necessary, aren’t the sexiest part of business setup. We get it. And we’re here to help you get all your legal needs sorted, so you can feel confident and protected, and get back to doing what you do best! Building your empire and helping people with their health!

Please note this service is currently only available to Australian businesses. New Zealand customers may book a free consultation with Legally Healthy to discuss which templates may be suitable for your business, and if customised legal services are required, we can provide you with a referral.

Through our sister business, Themis Legal Consulting we offer a range of custom legal services, at a fixed fee, so you know how much it will cost up front. Some of the services we offer include:

Contract/document review

Have you received a legal contract from a third party and your eyes are already starting to twitch trying to read and understand it? We can help! We will review it to ensure it if fair and reasonable, and reflects whatever agreement you have made with the other party. We’ll also make sure it contains all the legal mumbo jumbo you need to protect your interests. We will review, suggest changes and (if requested) liaise with the other side to finalise for you. Our fee is based on how many pages need to be reviewed. We will provide a quote on request.

Contract/document drafting

If you need a custom document or contract drawn up for your business, we can help. We will chat with you about what you need included, ensure it fair and reasonable, and contains the legal wording needed to protect your interests and limit your legal risk and liability. We will provide a quote (fixed fee). The fee includes two rounds of reviews/changes with you. After that we will need to charge for any additional time however we will be transparent and chat to you about this before proceeding.

How it Works?

Complete Request

Book your free Consultation with Themis Legal. During the 15 minute consultation we can discuss your needs and provide a quote.


Once you accept the quote, we get to work on whatever legal work you have requested from us, within the agreed timeframe.


We complete the work and you pay the invoice. Once payment is received, we submit the completed services to you. And Voila! Done!

Shop our contract templates

Have you checked out our range of affordable legal templates and bundles yet? We’ve done the hard work for you! Simply choose the templates/bundles you need, follow our guides to personalise them for your biz, and you’re all set! Confident, protected and ready to heal the world, one client at a time.

Teams Bundle (NZ)

A bundle of templates for New Zealand natural medicine practitioners who hire employees and/or contractors in their business

Teams Bundle (AUS)

A bundle of templates for Australian natural medicine practitioners who hire employees and/or contractors in their business

Website Terms of Use (AUS)

Website Terms of Use sets clear rules for all people visiting and accessing your website, regardless of whether they buy something from you.

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