Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what I need ?
We know it is hard to know where to start when it comes to legals, so we have done the hard work for you and created several legal template bundles. These also provide great value for money as by bundling them together, you save money. For example, there is our ‘Get Started’ Bundle, which contains a few essential legal documents for businesses in the start-up phase, or more experienced businesses who don’t have any legal documents in place yet. There is also our ‘Website Bundle’ for those only requiring documents for their website, or our ‘Teams Bundle’ which contains templates suitable for businesses hiring staff. We also have a range of individual templates for you to pick andchoose what you need.

Have a browse of our templates and if you’re still not sure what you need, book a free consultation and we can recommend the templates that are best suited for your business.

Need custom legal services? Visit our Legal Services page, complete a legal services request and book a free consult via our sister business, Themis Legal Consulting (Chantel’s law firm).

Do I really need legal documents for my business?
Yes! All businesses need some legal documents in place to protect themselves and reduce risk for you and your business. Some are legally required – like a privacy policy or website terms and conditions.

We understand ‘getting your legals done’ can be as fun as having a tooth extracted, and often just as expensive, which is why people often procrastinate and do nothing-promising they will get to it ‘one day’. Or worse, they copy legal documents from their friend or from a similar business without knowing who these were drafted by, whether they comply with Australian law, or whether they are even suitable for their own business. That’s why we created Legally Healthy -to make ‘getting your legals done’ affordable, painless, and easy.

Are these documents drafted by a real lawyer?

Yes, the free guides and templates are all drafted by qualified Australian lawyers. Our New Zealand templates are drafted by qualified New Zealand lawyers. The final versions of all documents on our site, are either drafted (or approved) personally by our founder/owner Chantel Ryan who is a qualified and highly experienced Australian business lawyer. Chantel is also the founder/owner of our sister business, law firm, Themis Legal Consulting. When you request Legal Services via our website, they are provided by Themis Legal Consulting. To find out more about Chantel and her qualifications, visit our About page.

Will the templates protect me and my business?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to guarantee you will be 100% protected from ALL potential legal risk if you buy a template or bundle, as we do not know your individual business circumstances. Also, we do not see the final documents that you create from the templates.

The intention however is certainly that they will help reduce your legal risk and help you look more credible and professional to your clients and other stakeholders. And in an industry that is constantly scrutinised and under a microscope now more than ever, we think this is a very necessary and valuable thing!

We certainly believe using these templates, which are industry specific, compliant with applicable law, and personalised by you, are much better than having no documents at all, or copying documents off the internet from unknown sources which may actually do more harm than good if they do not suit your business or comply with the relevant laws.

Note our templates are designed for small-ish businesses and sole traders with a fairly low risk profile. If you are a bigger more complex business with a higher risk profile, and complex offerings, you may prefer to have custom-made legal documents, drafted specifically for your business. If this is the case, please visit our Legal Services page, complete a legal services request, and book a free consult with via our sister business, Themis Legal Consulting (Chantel’s law firm). Note customised legal services are  currently only available for Australian businesses.

If I am not happy with the purchase, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund if you simply change your mind. We encourage you to reach out if you are unsure if our products are right for you before buying.

There are some circumstances at law where we are required to provide a refund – please see out Terms of Sale for more information.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have bought a product from us and for some reason you are unhappy with it, please do reach out and we’ll be happy to work with you to towards a solution that works for both of us.

I’m not a natural medicine practitioner, can I still buy the templates?
Yes, you can but you will need to be mindful of the suggested text in the templates and the documents may require more personalisation on your part to suit your unique business needs. If you are unsure if the templates are right for your business, feel free to reach out before buying.
I need a legal document that’s not included in your template list, what do I do?
We are always updating our template library so if there is a document you need, please let us know. In the meantime, if you need custom legal services , please visit our Legal Services page on our website, complete a legal services request and book a free consult with via our sister business, Themis Legal Consulting.
Can I use the templates if I live outside of Australia?

Our templates adhere to Australian law and are therefore designed for those doing business in Australia. While similar principles may apply in your jurisdiction, please consult with a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction. If you are based in New Zealand, please check out our range of New Zealand templates, which are drafted by qualified New Zealand lawyers and adhere to New Zealand law.

Are the templates legally binding?

Yes. All our templates are drafted by qualified Australian (or New Zealand) lawyers and are legally binding.

What file format do the templates come in?
How do I complete the templates?
All our templates come with instructions on how to complete them. You complete the highlighted text in the template to personalise to suit your business needs, then you save, delete any explanatory comments in the template, remove any remaining highlight and you are ready to use it. Feel free to add your branding and logo. We think your legals should fit seamlessly into your business branding.
How long does it take to complete a template?
It varies depending on the template, but most should only take around 10-15 minutes
Is legally healthy my lawyer?
Nope! Legally Healthy is not a law firm. Using our online services (including our free consultation service), downloading a free guide, or buying our templates does not constitute legal advice and does not make Legally Healthy your lawyer. The information provided on our site, www.legallyhealthy.com.au including our templates and free guides should be considered informational only.

If you require legal advice or custom legal services, this is offered through our sister business Themis Legal Consulting (Chantel’s law firm). You start by visiting our Legal Services page, completing a legal services request form, and booking a free consult with Themis Legal. Themis Legal will discuss your legal needs and provide a quote. If you agree to go ahead, you will sign a client agreement, making you a client of Themis Legal Consulting. Only then will a lawyer-client relationship be created.

Can I share the templates with a friend or colleague?

Nooo siree. These templates are our intellectual property and we have worked hard to make them easy to complete and affordable for all. As part of your purchase, we grant you a licence to use the templates to draft legal documents for use in your business. You are expressly prohibited from sharing them with others or using them for commercial gain or to compete with us. Please respect the hard work that has gone into creating these templates and do the right thing. If you think a colleague or friend would benefit from the templates, please encourage them to purchase them for themselves.

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