Email Disclaimer

  • A formal statement or warning attached to all your emails to say that you are not legally responsible for the information sent in your email.
  • Helps to protect you and limit your liability in case the emails lands in the wrong hands, is otherwise intercepted or affected by a virus
  • Drafted in plain English by Australian lawyers
  • Quick and easy customisable


What is an email disclaimer

A disclaimer is a formal statement or warning that you are not legally responsible for something. In this disclaimer, it is the information sent in an email.


Who can use it?  

Anyone who sends emails on a regular basis.


Do I need it? 

While not legally required, it is always a good idea to have one, especially if you will be sending sensitive or confidential information in some of your emails, as most health practitioners do.


Where do I publish it?  

It is best placed  in small but readable text, under your signature on your emails. Set it up as part of your signature so that it automatically attaches to all emails.


Please note that using our online services and templates doesn’t constitute legal advice and doesn’t create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Legally Healthy.

If you have questions about the template and whether it fits your specific needs or need legal advice, feel free to book in a free consultation.

The information offered on should be considered informational only and is NOT LEGAL ADVICE.


Can I use this template if I live outside of Australia?

This template is drafted by Australian lawyers and is therefore suitable for use by businesses in Australia. If you operate in another country then we recommend you have it checked  by a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction.


What file format does the template come in?



How do I complete the template?

All our templates come with instructions on how to complete them. You complete any highlighted text in the template in order to personalise to suit your business needs, then you save, delete any explanatory comments in the template, remove any remaining highlight and you are ready to use it. Feel free to add your branding and logo. We think your legals should fit seamlessly into  your business branding.


How long does it take to complete?

Less than 5 mins.


How often are the templates updated?

We  are constantly updating and adding to our template library . We provide minor updates to wording and formatting in our documents.

If the law changes, we’ll email you with the changes and updates to add to your existing templates. You have lifetime access, so any updates are provided free of charge.

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